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Singer Information:
  • For returning singers, just indicate school, grade, Choir(s), vaccine status, and any contact info updates.
  • Singers registering for Concert Choir for the first time must pass a standardized audition (we will follow up with you).
  • Family Choir registrants signing up for Unlimited Family Membership, please fill out information for all singers you expect to regularly attend rehearsals.
Singer (For multiple singers, please click the "Add another singer" button below for each.)

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Emails listed above will go on our mailing list for weekly ECC notes and other member information.
Alternate Contact

Emails listed above will go on our mailing list for weekly ECC notes and other member information.

In this space, please provide any other contact information you would like us to have, e.g. names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mails of other caretakers or emergency contacts:
I agree to take all appropriate precautions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic when sending my singer to live rehearsals or other ECC events.  I understand that the ECC is following proper protocols in conducting such rehearsals and events, and I will hold the ECC harmless if my singer or anyone from my family contracts COVID-19.  In the unlikely event that my child becomes ill or is injured, and I, or the preferred physician or hospital named below, cannot be immediately contacted at the time of an emergency, and if in the judgment of the staff of the Evanston Children's Choir (ECC) immediate observation or treatment is necessary, I authorize the staff to send my child (properly accompanied) to the hospital or medical facility most easily accessible.  I further authorize that facility and any of its staff or any licensed physician to perform any medical treatment deemed necessary upon my child.  I agree to be fully responsible for all costs of such treatment.  I release the ECC, its employees, and agents from any claim of liability in connection therewith. 

I understand that audio recordings, photos, and/or video recordings may be published of Evanston Children’s Choir (ECC) participants, including my child.  I hereby give my consent for myself and/or my child to be audio recorded, photographed or video recorded in connection with participation in the ECC.  I further agree that all such audio recordings, photos or video recordings shall be the exclusive property of the ECC and I release and give to the ECC all rights of ownership and all rights to copy, publish and use such audio recordings, photos and video recordings without compensation, except as may be agreed in advance for certain projects.  I acknowledge and agree that the ECC may use any and all of those audio recordings, photos or video recordings for educational, promotional and fundraising purposes, including but not limited to publication in brochures and other promotional materials, on CDs for sale, and on the ECC website.
Guidelines & Information
I understand that I am responsible for reading the entire ECC GUIDELINES & INFORMATION for the 2021-2022 SEASON, paying special attention to the sections on Rehearsals, Performances and Attendance.  I will continue to keep up with current ECC information by reading all e-mails with “ECC” in the subject line, especially weekly e-mails after each rehearsal during the season.  I will further keep up with current ECC information by regularly checking the ECC website for updates to my Choir’s Rehearsal and Performance Schedules, and for uploaded Notes to Parents/Guardians that I may have missed via e-mail.  If I do not have internet access or e-mail, I will request information in paper form.
Tuition and Financial Assistance
Tuition has once again been reduced for singers whose experience will be more affected by ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. There is a 30% sibling tuition discount for additional siblings in Youth Chorale or Story Choir, and a 50% discount for additional siblings in Concert Choir.  See below for Family Choir’s built-in scaled tuition structure.
  • Concert Choir:  in-person, vaccinated: $440 per semester / all others: $390 per semester
  • Youth Chorale:  $200 per semester
  • Story Choir:  in-person: $170 per session / Zoom: $145 per session
  • Family Choir:  FREE for Fall Semester 2021; normally there is a scaled tuition for single members, 2 members, and for Unlimited Family Membership (3 or more singers from the same family), TBA
Payment Options

Soon after we receive your registration, you will receive an invoice reflecting your particular payment plan. Thank you!
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