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Registration for Fall Semester 2020 is ongoing, and we have temporarily reformatted our programs in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  You can register online here here for any ECC Choir, or download our hard copy Registration Form.  For more information, or to schedule a Concert Choir audition (virtual auditions available), email Artistic Director Gary Geiger or call (847) 733-0814.  Please note: most ECC Choirs are all-treble choirs.  As such, we regret that we cannot accommodate adolescents with changed (i.e. tenor or bass register) voices in the Concert Choir, Youth Chorale or Wilmette Pops Children's Chorale.  However, singers of all voice types, including those with low registers, are welcome to join our Family Choir.

Choosing Your Choir:

The first step to joining the Evanston Children’s Choir is to figure out which of our various Choirs might be the best fit for the singer in question.  No experience is necessary to join any of our choirs.  Placement in a particular Choir depends upon a combination of a singer’s natural musical abilities, age, and the type of choral experience that singer is looking for.  Please see Our Choirs for more detailed information on each group.  New singers do not have audition, unless trying out for the Concert Choir.  All Choirs (other than Concert Choir) are "sign up and sing"!
Concert Choir audition appointments are scheduled individually.  Virtual auditions are available this summer, as are in-person auditions (with masks and only the singer plus one guardian present).  During our season, one common time we conduct auditions is immediately following a rehearsal.  We find it is often a good way to “break the ice” for a potential new singer to visit and observe a Concet Choir rehearsal, and then audition immediately afterwards.  However, the audition can take place literally anywhere and any time that you and the director agree upon, and we audition new singers for Fall Semester throughout the summer.  You can set up the audition by directly contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , (847) 733-0814.  One of our Associate Directors, Assistant Directors or Interns may conduct the audition as well.

There is no need to prepare anything in advance for the audition.  Singers will be walked through it every step of the way in a friendly, supportive manner.  The audition consists of singing basic vocal patterns, familiar melodies such as “Happy Birthday,” and some harmonizing.  We will discuss immediately after the audition whether or not the Concert Choir is a good fit for your singer, or if another one of our Choirs may be a better option.


*Note: Registration for the Wilmette Pops Children's Chorale is done through the Wilmette Park District. For all other ECC Choirs, please read below:

New Singers:  Online registration for the ECC's 2020-2021 is OPEN (click here to register).  You can download our Guidelines and Information for the 2020-2021 Season here, which contains all the basic information on how we operate, as well as what you can expect as part of the ECC, especially in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  Once registered, families will receive an automated email invoice for the amount indicated in your completed registration.  Families can pay online with a secure individualized link that will be provided with the invoice, or can give a check or cash to any Director at any time.  You may also break up your payments into installments if you wish.  It is our policy to never turn anyone away for lack of ability to pay, so we will provide you with as much financial assistance as you may need.  Singers registering for the Concert Choir for the first time must pass a standardized placement audition and will be contacted to arrange an appointment.
Continuing Singers:  Members are only required to register once per year.  Families continuing from one season to the next will receive an email invitation to re-register sometime in the spring or early summer with a link to an online registration form.  You can also use the general Register Online page on our website is you choose.  When re-registering, you need only fill out any information that has changed (e.g. the singer's school grade) and update their contact info.  You can also re-register by downloading the general Registration Form from our website to complete and send in.  Singers continuing from Fall Semester to Winter/Spring Semester, or from one session of Story Choir to the next, within one Season do not have to formally re-register.  We will simply send you a new invoice for the new semester or session.